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EyeMobile for Children Brings Free Vision Care to Borrego Springs

Did you know? An incredible opportunity has arrived, poised to make a profound impact on the lives of our young residents in Borrego Springs and beyond. The new UC San Diego Shiley EyeMobile for Children is a 33-foot-long furnished recreational vehicle, featuring two exam rooms, a welcoming waiting area for children and families, and a selection of eye frames. This mobile unit is committed to providing free vision care to low-income students and is set to visit around 250 preschools.

As it sets out on this mission, the former eye bus is being retrofitted to offer senior vision care services, expanding its reach within the community.

A Visionary Mission

Dr. Iliana Molina, Director of UC San Diego Eyemobile for Children and a renowned figure in Clinical Research at the Shiley Eye Institute, leads this transformative endeavor. During a recent conversation with ABC 10News Anchor Jared Aarons, Dr. Molina emphasized the crucial connection between children’s eye health and their literacy and behavioral development. She passionately believes that early childhood eye screenings are the key to unlocking the full potential of our children.

Serving Borrego Springs and Beyond

What sets this campaign apart is the awe-inspiring “eyemobile,” a specially equipped motorhome that travels throughout San Diego County, reaching Borrego Springs and various other locations. This mobile unit offers far more than just eye exams; it empowers our youth by allowing them to select their own frames, fostering a sense of pride and responsibility in their eye health. And the best part? All these services are provided at no cost to students and their families.

Discover how EyeMobile for Children offers free vision care opportunities in Borrego Springs and beyond. Learn how this initiative empowers young minds and promotes eye health. Join us in making a brighter future."

The Eyemobile offers a comprehensive range of services, including:

  • Vision Screenings: Conducted at school locations across San Diego County, ensuring that our children’s eye health is regularly assessed.
  • Eyemobile Follow-Up: For children referred from the vision screening, the Eyemobile facilitates a preschool eye examination by an optometrist, ensuring a more in-depth assessment when needed.
  • Glasses: If glasses are required, they are provided at no cost and conveniently delivered to the school location, sparing families from any financial burden.
  • Amblyopia / Blindness Risk: Follow-up tests at preschools to assess visual acuity and identify any potential risks of amblyopia or blindness.
  • Follow-Up Calls: Ongoing support and communication for all children wearing glasses, ensuring they get the most out of their eyewear.
  • Serious Eye Conditions: Prompt referrals to pediatric ophthalmologists for children with other serious eye conditions, ensuring they receive specialized care.
  • Intervention, Outreach, and Education: Providing information about eye health and early childhood vision care to families and teachers, promoting awareness and understanding.
  • Research: Conducting longitudinal learning ability assessments, contributing to valuable research in the field of childhood vision care.

Bringing the Eyemobile to Borrego Springs

If you’re a parent interested in having the Eyemobile visit Borrego Springs, consider speaking with your children’s teacher, counselor, or the front desk at their school. The Eyemobile team is dedicated to serving communities like ours and can work with local schools to make these services available.

Some Facts

  1. The new UC San Diego Shiley EyeMobile is a 33-foot-long RV providing free eye exams for low-income families.
  2. It’s equipped with exam rooms, waiting areas, and a wide selection of frames.
  3. Funded by an estate gift, it replaces the previous EyeMobile.
  4. The goal is to serve 20,000 underserved children yearly.
  5. Services include vision screenings, eye exams, free glasses, and referrals.
  6. Early detection is crucial for a child’s development.
  7. The program has screened over 250,000 children since 2001.
  8. In 2021-2022, it traveled 8,226 miles and provided 895 pairs of glasses.
  9. UC San Diego Health is involved in other community health initiatives, including mobile vaccination units.


Joining the Vision

This extraordinary initiative relies on the support of our community. Starting October 1st 2023, ABC 10 News is partnering with UCSD Shiley Eye Institute’s Eyemobile for Children and the Scripps Howard Fund to raise $20,000 in just twenty days. You can be a vital part of this vision by contributing online at 10News.com or simply texting “SEE” to 50155.