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Fredericks Ancient & Ethnic Art and Tribal Trading Post: Borrego Springs

Fredericks Ancient and Ethnic Art (2 locations in Borrego Springs)

The Mall: 587 Palm Canyon Dr. #118
Christmas Circle: 680 Palm Canyon Dr
Borrego Springs, CA 92004 United States

A Must-Visit Destination in Borrego Springs

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Exploring Cultural Wonders at Fredericks Ancient & Ethnic Art in Borrego Springs

Two Distinctive Locations, One Cultural Journey

In Borrego Springs, California, art and history enthusiasts will find two remarkable locations:

  1. Fredericks Ancient & Ethnic Art – The Mall Location: Situated at 587 Palm Canyon Dr. #118, this location specializes in interior artifacts. Here, visitors can explore an array of cultural and historical pieces, including wood carvings, pottery, ceremonial masks, and a vast collection of traditional jewelry.

  2. Frederick’s Tribal Trading Post – Outdoor Decor and Art: Located at 648 Palm Canyon Dr, this site offers an outdoor experience featuring a variety of desert plants, whimsical metal sculptures, and large stone carvings. It’s a haven for those seeking unique outdoor art and decor.

Fredericks Ancient & Ethnic Art: A Portal to the Past

This Mall location is not just a store; it’s a gateway to ancient and ethnic art from around the world. With artifacts dating back centuries, it provides a rare glimpse into various cultures and histories. Owner Tom Fredericks has curated a collection that is both diverse and historically significant, making each visit a new discovery.

Frederick’s Tribal Trading Post: An Outdoor Artistic Adventure

Complementing the indoor artifacts, the Tribal Trading Post offers an open-air art experience. It is well-known for its cultural artifacts and the unique ambiance created by its outdoor setting. Visitors often commend the Trading Post for its exceptional collection, reasonable prices, and the warm hospitality of the owners.

Conclusion: A Must-Visit Destination in Borrego Springs

Together, Fredericks Ancient & Ethnic Art and Frederick’s Tribal Trading Post form a comprehensive cultural experience in Borrego Springs. They cater to a wide range of interests, from interior art collectors to outdoor decor enthus

Customer Experiences

Visitors to Frederick’s Tribal Trading Post have shared glowing reviews:

  • One visitor described the place as an “archeological menagerie” filled with finds from the Desert Southwest, Mexico, Africa, and Southeast Asia, noting the reasonable pricing and friendly owners​​.
  • Another customer praised the wonderful array of metal sculptures and cultural artifacts, appreciating the helpful and knowledgeable staff. It’s highlighted as a shop for art lovers​​.
  • A third visitor was particularly impressed by the statues and the easy access to the trading  post, mentioning the impressive collection of animal statues​​.