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When Borrego Springs Had Stuart Resor

Stuart Resor: Borrego Springs’ Visionary and Architectural Maestro

Join us as we explore Stuart Resor’s impact on Borrego Springs and beyond, beginning with the pivotal moment he invited Huell Howser to the town, sparking widespread interest. But first we have to mention his book.

“Amazing People I Met Along The Way”: A Journey with Stuart Resor

In his book “Amazing People I Met Along The Way,” Stuart Resor shares a treasure trove of personal stories and encounters with some of the most influential figures of his time. Through its pages, Resor takes readers on a journey through his life’s most pivotal moments. This memoir is more than a collection of memories; it’s an intimate glimpse into the life of a man who has woven his narrative into the fabric of American culture and history. StuartResor.com

The Catalyst for Huell Howser’s Visit

Did you know Stuart Resor was the reason Huell Howser came to Borrego Springs? This dedicated resident’s passion for his desert town’s beauty caught the attention of the “California’s Gold” host. The resulting episode broadcasted the unique desert landscape and the close community to a vast audience, marking a turning point for the town’s recognition. Learn how this significant event put Borrego Springs on the map for adventurers and viewers at home.

Stuart Resor: Architectural Innovator and Community Leader

Stuart Resor, a University of Pennsylvania alum, holds a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Architecture. His pursuit of knowledge led him to the Harvard University Graduate School of Design, where he completed a Masters in Architecture. Elected twice to the Encinitas Town Council in the late 1970s, Resor has been a registered architect since 1971, with over a thousand projects to his name. His career is marked by diverse and impactful architectural works, from small-scale designs to large developments, showcasing a lifetime of dedication to the field of architecture and community service.

Bridging Continents: The Trans-Bering Express Vision

His visions know no bounds. While clearly this is years in the past, its an example of his mind at work.

The Trans-Bering Express concept, envisioned by Stuart Resor’s architectural firm, proposes a revolutionary idea of connecting California to Russia’s Siberia through a tunnel beneath the Bering Strait. This ambitious project, named WorldLink, would involve trains running on smooth needle-nose tracks inside 300-mile-long, double-tube segments made from prefabricated steel. Resor’s concept draws inspiration from existing tunnel technologies and also considers future expansions, such as transporting petroleum supplies without relying on icebreaking ships, presenting an innovative solution to long-distance travel and transport challenges.

Burning Piano in Borrego Springs

Keith Emerson’s fiery performance art took place on Stuart Resor’s property, captivating onlookers with its bold statement.

Borrego Springs transformed into a beacon for avant-garde art through one unforgettable act on the Resor’s property. The iconic piano burn by Keith Emerson epitomized bold artistic expression, harmonizing with the town’s untamed beauty. This spectacular event underscored Borrego Springs’ embrace of the unconventional, celebrating a locale where artistic innovation is limitless.

Architectural Vision: Preserving Surf Culture

Stuart Resor’s architectural insight has sculpted not only buildings but the cultural fabric of his community. With a design philosophy centered around harmony and innovation, Resor’s work extends beyond the drafting table. Heeding the call to protect surf history, in 1986, he founded the California Surf Museum in Encinitas. 

Architectural Vision: Preserving Surf Culture Stuart Resor's Dual Legacy in Design and History Stuart Resor's architectural insight has sculpted not only buildings but the cultural fabric of his community. With a design philosophy centered around harmony and innovation, Resor's work extends beyond the drafting table. Heeding the call to protect surf history, in 1986, he founded the California Surf Museum in Encinitas. This institution stands as a testament to his determination to conserve surf heritage for future generations. His contributions mirror a commitment to honor tradition while forging ahead with visionary design.

Tourism with a Twist: Resor’s Vision

Envisioning Borrego Springs as a year-round tourist haven, Resor has offered strategies to extend the visitor season. His deep-rooted family connections to the area enhance his credibility, painting him as a true custodian of Borrego Springs’ history and potential.

Here is Stuart’s advice to an agency hired to help boost and secure Borrego Springs future:

Community Recommendations – Local Input

Tuesday, July 24, 2001

Thanks for coming all the way to Borrego to help us with our tourism. I’ve been visiting Borrego for 34 years camping and exploring with family on many a vacation. It was close by and very reasonable and fit our budget that was always stretched with 6 children and now 2 more twin boys age 12.
Last year I fulfilled a long ambition of owning a piece of Borrego for a future camp- ground and RV park. We bought 67 acres and found a surprising history with the site. I’m attaching a picture of the most significant structure that is left.

An Ethanol “Still”. It will be the centerpiece of the campground. Although 4500 people invested their hard earned $ in this scheme and lost it all… I think many of them would come back to see what’s there. You can see this if you go to 2299 Borrego Valley Road and drive in a dirt road to it. I’d be very happy to show you around the site if you want. Once you’ve seen it you will see it often as you cruise around Borrego.
I’ve many ideas on how to extend the tourist season in Borrego. This time of year the nights are sublime and if someone has never experienced summer nights in Borrego they are really missing out on a nifty phenomenon! Also this is the perfect time to camp on the desert but spend the days exploring the cooler, shadier mountains which are so rich in history and adventures! My first father in law’s grandfather Castanos Paine came out here in 1852 from Maine so the stories go way back with that family. Good luck with your report and findings. Bye for now, Stuart Resor.”

Did They Know How Golden His Opinions Are?

Stuart Resor’s legacy in Borrego Springs and beyond is a blend of architectural mastery, cultural enrichment, and an unyielding commitment to community advancement.

Resor’s story exemplifies the harmony of honoring a town’s history and nurturing its progress, offering inspiration for a future shaped by innovation and prosperity.

Forging a Shared Vision: The Resors’ Impact

Stuart & Bonnie Resor: A Legacy in Collaboration

The legacy of Stuart Resor in Borrego Springs and the broader community is not just his own; it’s a shared narrative with his wife, Bonnie. Together, their collaborative efforts are a testament to a unified vision that has significantly shaped their surroundings. Their partnership in creativity and innovation continues to be celebrated as a powerful force in the community.

We’re gearing up to read “Amazing People I Met Along The Way” by local legend Stuart Resor and his wife Bonnie. Look out for our reaction on the blog soon! For those who want to dive deeper into the life and contributions of Stuart Resor, here are some resources: