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Borrego Springs’ Mini-Golf Course: From Plan to Prospect

Quick Take: Borrego’s Mini-Golf Course Ready for Action

The mini-golf course at 426 Palm Canyon Drive is now a tangible investment opportunity. With a fully approved site plan and flexible development options, it’s a prime pick for investors ready to drive Borrego Springs’ community and economy forward.

Mini-Golf Dream Listed for Sale

Following our previous coverage of the proposed 18-hole miniature golf course in Borrego Springs, there’s an exciting update for the community and potential investors. Borrego Springs is on the brink of a leisure revolution with the sale of a fully sanctioned mini-golf project at 426 Palm Canyon Road. This 1.86-acre prospect has transitioned from a mere blueprint to a market-ready opportunity, promising to be a lucrative venture for savvy investors.

The Journey from Blueprint to Listing

Alessandra and Joe Carll’s dream of creating a family-friendly mini-golf course, “Puttin’ Around Borrego,” has taken a significant leap forward. After over two years of diligent planning and coordination with the county, the site plan received approval in July 2023.

The seller, who is also the listing broker, has invested around $140,000 in preparatory work, including environmental and traffic studies, ensuring the project’s readiness for immediate development.

Flexible Development with a Mid-Century Flair

The sanctioned blueprint offers an adaptable layout featuring a mid-century modern design for the ticket office, complete with two public restrooms and a generous 720 sq. ft. patio. This versatile design allows for the space to function as a standalone establishment, perfect for an ice cream or coffee shop, while keeping the option open to integrate the mini-golf experience later.

A Strategic Opportunity for Growth

This investment opportunity is not just about building a recreational facility; it’s about contributing to Borrego Springs’ growth. The project is expected to draw more visitors, boost the local economy, and create jobs, aligning with the community’s development goals.

Borrego Springs: A Hub for Tourists and Families

With its array of attractions, including the famous Galleta Meadows sculptures and the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, Borrego Springs is a magnet for tourists and new residents alike.

The mini-golf course is set to become another jewel in this desert community’s crown, offering entertainment and bonding experiences for families and outdoor enthusiasts.

Investment Details and Community Impact

This C-42 zoned parcel presents a unique chance for outdoor recreation development. With a stated gross equity of $175,000 and a 3% buyer’s agent commission, the listing is not just a financial asset but also a community treasure promising enjoyment and return on investment.

Discover the full potential of this ready-to-develop site, detailed business plan included, and consider the option to joint venture or purchase outright. With SBA construction financing at the ready, this is more than an investment; it’s a cornerstone for Borrego Springs’ growth and vibrancy.

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