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Extreme Heat Causes Flight Cancellation at Palm Springs Airport

Sweltering Heat Prompts United Flight Cancellation in Palm Springs

As Borrego Springs residents, this gives us pause on summer flights out of Palm Springs.

Palm Springs, July 20th, 2023 – An intense heatwave wreaked havoc at Palm Springs International Airport on Thursday, leading to the delay and ultimate cancellation of United Flight 5512, operated by SkyWest Airlines as United Express.

As temperatures soared, passengers found themselves stranded on the tarmac for hours, prompting concerns about summer travel plans in the region.

United Flight Delayed and Grounded Due to Sweltering Temperatures

Summer Travel Alert: Heat Causes Flight Chaos at Palm Springs Airport

The unfortunate incident came to light when a viewer, who was among the affected passengers, reached out to News Channel 3 on Thursday. According to the passenger, the United flight was initially delayed due to the scorching heat. As the mercury rose, the situation worsened, and the flight was eventually canceled, leaving travelers bewildered and frustrated.

In response to inquiries made by News Channel 3, Allie Adee, a spokesperson from SkyWest Airlines, released a statement on Friday morning, explaining the circumstances behind the flight disruption. She confirmed that Flight 5512 faced multiple challenges caused by the high temperatures in Palm Springs and thunderstorms forecasted in Denver, its intended destination. As a result, the airline made the difficult decision to cancel the flight to ensure the safety of passengers and crew.

Passengers Stranded: United Express Flight 5512 Grounded Due to Extreme Temperatures

The cancellation had a ripple effect on other departing flights from Palm Springs International Airport on Thursday afternoon. The airport’s website indicated that four departures were significantly delayed, with one flight to Denver being outright canceled..

Heat Happens — Be Prepared

Airline officials and aviation experts are well aware of the challenges posed by heat-related issues at Palm Springs International Airport. As the travel industry navigates these challenges, it is crucial for both airlines and passengers to remain patient and vigilant during weather-sensitive periods.

Staying informed with the latest flight information and making necessary adjustments to travel plans can help mitigate disruptions caused by extreme weather events.