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Embrace 'The Golden Land' Fall series by Kristen Guest at BAI. A vivid portrayal of SoCal's essence, blending art with the allure of Borrego Springs.

Kristin Guest Abstract Art at BAI

“The Golden Land” Fall Series: SoCal’s Artistic Pulse

The Borrego Art Institute (BAI), a cultural cornerstone in Borrego Springs, invites art enthusiasts to celebrate the “The Golden Land” Fall series. At 665 Palm Canyon Drive, BAI emerges as a nonprofit champion of artistic expression, providing a nurturing environment for creativity across a spectrum of disciplines, including pottery, gardening, painting, and photography.

Kristen Guest’s Abstracts: A Southern California Ode

“The Golden Land” at BAI is a testament to Kristen Guest’s deep-seated bond with Southern California’s landscapes. Her abstracts, showcased in the upcoming exhibition, offer visitors a kaleidoscope of colors and emotions that mirror the region’s diverse terrains from arid deserts to tropical vibrancy.

Borrego Springs: A Mosaic of Artistic Endeavors

Borrego Springs presents itself as a cultural mosaic, offering each visitor a slice of its artistic spirit. With BAI as its nucleus, the town is a lively canvas where art manifests in tranquil gardens and vibrant gallery spaces.

For those who wander in search of cultural richness, Borrego Springs is a compelling art-centric retreat.

Unveiling “The Golden Land” at BAI

  • Exhibition Name: “The Golden Land” Fall Series
  • Venue: Borrego Art Institute (BAI), 665 Palm Canyon Drive, Borrego Springs (North Gallery)
  • Opening Reception Date: November 4, 2023
  • Type of Exhibition: Abstract Art, featuring a range of shapes, colors, and textures
  • Artist: Kristen Guest, noted for her connection with Southern California landscapes
  • Experience Offered: An immersive exploration of the abstract beauty of California’s golden hues
  • The exhibition is designed to be an interactive experience rather than a conventional art display.

Visit the Borrego Art Institute’s website for detailed insights into Kristen Guest’s “The Golden Land” Fall series and immerse yourself in the vibrant art scene that Borrego Springs proudly offers.

  • Learn more about the artist Kristen Guest here.