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MyFlyingEyes: Photography and Aerial Filmmaking

MyFlyingEyes: Photography and Aerial Filmmaking

Discover MyFlyingEyes: Aerial Artistry by Dany Tomas

Dany’s portfolio is a treasure trove of visual delights, spanning from captivating night photography that reveals the celestial beauty of stars and landscapes to impressive aerial films. Each piece of his work is a testament to his profound skill and expertise in the visual arts, bearing the distinctive artistic touch that is distinctly MyFlyingEyes.

The Visual Tapestry: MyFlyingEyes’ Portfolio

What truly sets MyFlyingEyes apart is Dany’s ability to unveil the world from above, courtesy of drone technology. This distinctive viewpoint breathes new life into natural landscapes and architectural wonders alike. Whether it’s rolling hills or iconic landmarks, his aerial perspective presents the world in a fresh and enchanting light.

Capturing the World from Above: MyFlyingEyes’ Drone Magic

A noteworthy aspect of Dany’s work is his mastery in capturing light in dark environments, infusing his creations with an element of wonder. His ability to illuminate the darkest moments adds depth and magic to his art.

Illuminating the Dark: Dany Tomas’ Mastery of Light

In summary, MyFlyingEyes’ art is genuinely captivating, showcasing Dany’s mastery of the craft and his unique artistic vision. His website offers a compelling journey into the realms of aerial filmmaking and night photography.

The Galleta Meadows Night Photography Series

Among Dany’s impressive portfolio, his night photography, particularly the shots of the Galleta Meadows Estate Statues in Borrego Springs, stand out. These images showcase the power of visual storytelling, immersing viewers in an enthralling world of artistry.

His photographs capture the beauty of starlit skies and the unique features of landscapes, blending light and darkness in mesmerizing ways. These images are simultaneously haunting and beautiful, revealing our world’s profound depth and beauty.

In a world that can sometimes feel overwhelming, Dany’s work serves as a reminder of the enduring beauty that surrounds us. MyFlyingEyes celebrates the natural world and the profound impact of visual storytelling.

Unleash Your Creativity with this Night Photography & Light Painting Course

If you’re an aspiring photographer seeking to elevate your skills, consider exploring MyFlyingEyes’ Night Photography & Light Painting Course—a comprehensive guide to capturing stunning images of the Milky Way and more.

Buy MyFlyingEyes Work

If you want to own a piece of Dany’s work, you can purchase prints of his stunning photography by visiting his shop at www.myflyingeyes.net or by contacting him directly at myflyingeyes@gmail.com.