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Desert Sun Spiders

Why Do Desert Sun Spiders Chase?

“camel spider,” “sun spider,” “wind scorpion,” and “solpugid”

Desert sun spiders, also known as camel spider, wind scorpion, and solpugid, are large, hairy arachnids in deserts worldwide, including Borrego Springs, California. They are known for their speed and aggressive behavior; many believe they chase humans.

However, the truth is that desert sun spiders do not chase humans. They are quite skittish and will only attack if they feel threatened. They sometimes appear to chase people because they are attracted to light and shade. If you are standing in the desert sun, a desert sun spider may mistake your shadow for a shade source and start running toward it.

Desert sun spider in Borrego Springs California

Another reason why desert sun spiders might appear to be chasing people is because they are curious creatures. They may be attracted to the movement of a person and start to follow them out of curiosity. However, they will usually lose interest and wander away if the person does not move.

So, if you ever see a desert sun spider in Borrego Springs, California, don’t worry. It is not chasing you. It is most likely just attracted to the light or shade or curious about you. Just stand still and it will eventually wander away.

Benefits of Desert Sun Spiders

Despite their fearsome appearance, desert sun spiders play an important role in the desert ecosystem. They are voracious predators that eat insects, including beetles, scorpions, and other sun spiders. This helps to keep insect populations in check, which benefits other animals in the desert.

Desert sun spiders also help to break down organic matter. When they die, their bodies decompose and release nutrients into the soil. This helps to fertilize the soil and make it more productive for plants.

So, while desert sun spiders may not be the most cuddly creatures, they play an important role in the desert ecosystem. Don’t be afraid next time you see one in Borrego Springs, California. Let it go about its business, and it will not bother you.

Tips for Avoiding Desert Sun Spiders

If you are concerned about encountering desert sun spiders in Borrego Springs, California, there are a few things you can do to avoid them:

  • Avoid hiking or camping in areas where desert sun spiders are common.
  • Wear long pants and sleeves when you are in the desert.
  • Use a flashlight at night to avoid stepping on desert sun spiders.
  • If you do see a desert sun spider, do not approach it. Just stand still, and it will eventually wander away.